Pack Your Travel Bag Like a Boss

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How to Pack Your Travel Bag

You have been planning a long-awaited holiday, got your ticket and the wardrobe; now if only you’re rich enough to afford a flying jet to fly you and your suitcase around the world for a much-needed time off. Here’s our top tips for a stress-free holiday. Go without a checked bag for a convenient journey. But packing your items in your travel bag can seem as tricky as solving a Rubik’s cube, so if you’ve had past mistakes or are always up for packing perfectly, allow us to step in. Whether or not you’re convinced by us to drop some baggage, try and master our packing tips for a nice and easy airport experience. Cheerio!

Remember the Main Documents

You don’t want to dig in through your luggage at every single security checkpoint with probably a long line full of angry or impatient people behind you. Simply have major items such as your passport and flight tickets in their own compartment so you can easily retrieve them, and take photos of your documents with your phone to store as backup just in case.

Travel Weight

Unless you would like to go through the unfortunate confiscation of your designer face wash, make sure it’s weight is not more than 3.4 oz. You might as well leave generic toiletries like razors, perfumes, deodorants and make up remover at home and just buy them when you get to your destination.

Remember the Extras

Misplaced luggage does happen in airports; a ruined journey shouldn’t. If you should check a bag. Pack a full outfit change in your bag, including a swimwear/swimsuit, contact lenses, sunglasses, glasses, and medication. So just in case your suitcase has been lost, at least you’ll know that you have all your necessities which can hold you over until you get suitcase back.

Pack Like a Pro

We understand that feeling you get when you’re packing for your holiday, you want to take with you 12 swimwear/swimsuits, 7 cover ups/beachwear and all the maxi dresses you have. But the secrete of travel bag is that they are lightweight and for easy maneuvering. Plan your outfit, from daytime activities to evening with styles that match or effortless clothes such as jumpsuit, rompers, and dresses. Use accessories like scarves and jewellery to switch up styles.

Shoes Dilemma

Yes, boots are for walking’ …but wouldn’t recommend them through airport security. Shoes can be very tricky when packing, so try limit yourself to one casual clothe, dress, and maybe a pair of sneakers to avoid excess weight in your travel bag. Preferably, drop the boots and go for slip-on shoes like flats, so you can go through the security line like a boss.

Roll Them Up

Instead of folding your clothes, roll them to save space and keep them wrinkle-free. Roll tightly soft items to line up on top and carefully fold the stiffer garments like jeans, jeggings for the base of your travel bag.

Now, who needs a holiday?

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